Privacy Policy

The privacy policy descripted here covers this site and all apps listed on this site. In all honesty, we swear to protect your privacy as mush as possible. We guarantee that all the functions of our apps conform to the descriptions of the manuals. Our apps never ask for any additional data or privileges without notifying you. Our apps never collect your information or usage data to any networked server.

We NEVER collect your information

Necessary to the functions of the apps, with your agreement, our apps may access your information or files on your mobile devices. They are only used in your devices, never collected to any networked server. Out of the range of the functions, our apps never collect your information or usage data, and our apps never attempt to fetch any additional privilege.

We NEVER distribute your information

Some of our apps may take advantage of the offical APIs of social networks, such as Google +, Facebook, or Twitter, to provide you the functions of updating the status or sharing something. Our apps never attempt to fetch your account information (unless you provide it of your own will). Our apps never distribute your account information even if our apps have it. Our apps never update your social network pages without your approval.